Baby Eleanor is doing well and developing as expected in the womb.

Another completed year of life: Travis has his 29th birthday this month. We are camping at a State Park nearby to celebrate.

We’re studying “Honor and Shame” and “Grammar” this month, which will be very important to sharing the gospel cross-culturally and analyzing language, respectively.


Please pray that sickness would stop spreading through our campus, and families would get healthy to finish the semester strong.

Please pray for the Lord’s continued spiritual and financial provision for our ministry partners in California, Colorado and Wisconsin.

Please pray that we would learn and retain what we are learning in classes.

Please pray that we would become more effective in ministering at Cedar Ridge rehab center.

Please pray that Travis would have clarity as he teaches on the book of Philippians at Rock House church this month.

Please pray for continued health for baby Eleanor and for Natasha.

Thank you for PRAYING!