Here are our prayer needs for 2017 January

  1. Thank God for everything which He gave us in last year: His protection for our family and ministry, for partners who have supported us in prayer, with their suggestions and mentoring,  took care of our budget, His help in decisions and actions, health and financial blessings and for blessings in ministry.
  2. January 21 we will have a county interdenominational conference. We invited all churches board (Baptist, Brethren, Pentecostal and a few independent churches). Our goal for this meeting is: to develop relationships together, to evaluate our 2016 (how many church planting teams every denomination sent in 2016, how many church plantings they began last year etc) activities.  We want to encourage them to make specific targets for 2017. Please pray for the people who will come. We need them to be motivated to involve their churches and believers to be involed in prayer, sharing the Gospel with others and to be involved in church the planting ministry. I pray for them that they will be involved in 2017 in another 20 different villages in church planting.

Thank you and God bless you!