THANK’S – in the last month we have had a few reasons: – Our partner’s in prayer – you are our friends and partners and I want to say thanks to God for everybody who partnered with our family and  projects. Thank you for your support in prayer, mentoring and financial support. We come together and say: “Thank God for every blessing from last month –for our partners, for Bogdan and Diana’s marriage, for Gavi 1our vacation, for the pastoral meeting in Prahova, for church planting course in Cluj and many many more blessings” – Bogdan and Diana marriage feast – thank God for them and for their event. We believe that, God will bless them and we  enjoy them because they love God and they are involved in  church ministry.
Vacation for Elena and me – we had a very good time and we could describe this in a few words like : disconnect, rest and relaxation and a time spent together just Elena and me; After this experience we intend to try to reserve  periodically a time to repeat it;
Gavi 3
Prahova meeting with pastors and our team – it was like a family time, a warm meeting, the pastors opening  their hearts and  sharing the fears and the struggles in ministry. I thank God because He continues building the relationship between pastors and coordination team. They came into this meeting with some specific proposals in the church planting process and this meeting was a big blessing for our project.
The  CATINA COUNTY PROJECT – we( my church planting team together with our church pastoral board) decided to make some major changes in our strategy. A part of our members from Catina do not have a good testimony in this county and in this situation and our efforts did not have good results. We had to take a part of our time and ministry there we  to resolve their dispute and  not to share the Gospel with people. Next month we will change our strategy and we will have a new beginning. Please pray for this new beginning that God to work there, to give them repentance and to open people’s minds and hearts as He gives them repentance and salvation. I will share  more after we  make the first step in our new strategy.  At BACIU’S CHURCH – I am working with a very enjoyable team and I am  thankful to God for everybody from this team. I began to promote two persons in ministry and I call you to pray for them. Their names are Dorel Marc and Daniel Cornea. They will have a meeting with a pastoral board to receive a theological test and then they will be ordained in the ministry. I pray for them to have a good results in this test and after that to be more involved in ministry.